Mobile Gaming: Are you IAPs not working?

A couple of good articles on IAPs from Pocket Gamer today.

The first article talks about what not to do.  It’s a post mortem for 3 different games and shows why they failed miserably with IAPs.  There is some good advice in there if you are looking to improve your revenue.

In-app purchase pain: How to avoid releasing the next ‘popular failure’

The next article shows where the bulk of IAP revenue comes from. Over 50% of IAPs are people spending over $10.  You may find out that a surprising number of people buy IAPs at the $50 level.

Hey big spender: 47% of mobile game IAP revenue comes from $10-$20 transactions

An important take away here is you need to THINK about IAPs, don’t just drop them into you game thinking people are going to buy them.  You have to make it obvious that you have IAPs, put them in the customers face. You need to have a compelling reason for your players to want to buy the IAPs.  They need to be an integral part of the game.

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