Building Mobile Games: (Re)Starting My Journey

After over a year of study and research and several false starts I’ve come to a point where I am finally ready to seriously (haha!) begin my foray into building mobile games for iOS and Android.  I’ve investigated just about every game library, engine or builder out there from Gamesalad to Unity. The 7 games I have released up to now, and this post mark the end of the research and testing phase (analysis paralysis) and the beginning of getting down to business.  This past year I seen much success from the group of friends I’ve made in this business, now it is my turn.   I will have 4 new games released (or updated) this month.

The team for now, consists of me, a part time designer/artist and 1 or 2 part time programmers.  We are focused on first releasing a handful of puzzle games. This also entails creating and refining a marketing and promotion “machine” that can be “bolted” onto any game that we release.  Much thought has gone into designing a method to get some initial downloads and exposure.  We are focused first on creating quality fun games and gaining users rapidly.  There is much to test and the process will probably have to be tweaked for iOS vs. Android.  They are 2 very different beasts.

It never ceases to amaze me what can be accomplished by keeping an positive attitude and an open mind.  There truly is a solution for every problem you just have to be willing to see it.  The key to success really is all about keeping your head down and working hard (but not too hard!).

I’ll attempt to update here several times during the week, especially if I get some audience participation.  ;-)


Building Mobile Games: (Re)Starting My Journey — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Andy, would love to hear your pros/cons of the different engines you have tested, and which one you plan to move forward with!

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